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Ductless Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Los Angeles, CA

For those of you considering purchasing a new air conditioning system or upgrading your existing system, it is a good idea to really explore your options before making any commitments. There are a number of great air conditioning options on the market these days, many of which you may be unfamiliar with. One Los Angeles air conditioning system that is well worth your attention is a ductless mini split air conditioning system. The innovative, ductless design of these air conditioning systems makes them a great option for many homeowners. Give us a call today to schedule ductless air conditioning services in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area.

The Los Angeles ductless mini split system experts at Circulating Air, Inc. offer quality repair, installation and other heating and cooling services throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

What is a Ductless Mini Split System?

Like traditional split central air conditioning systems, ductless mini splits use an outdoor condenser unit. Rather than rely on bulky ductwork to distribute cooled air throughout your home, though, ductless mini splits use a simple conduit containing refrigerant and power lines to connect the outdoor unit to individual, wall mounted blowers. This makes ductless mini splits a great option for homes without existing ductwork or for those homeowners looking to avoid the energy loss commonly associated with air ducts.

You can further boost energy efficiency by utilizing the individual, wall mounted blowers to take advantage of zone controlled cooling. This means that you no longer need to cool an entire house just to keep one or two rooms comfortable. Contact Circulating Air, Inc. today for more information about the benefits of having a ductless mini split system in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Ductless Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement Services

As with any other air conditioning system, it is important that your ductless mini split system be installed by a qualified professional. This is the only way to ensure that it will operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Call Circulating Air, Inc. to schedule your Los Angeles, CA ductless mini split installation.

If the time has come to schedule a Los Angeles, CA ductless mini split replacement, Circulating Air, Inc. is the company to call. We will ensure that your new system is properly sized for your home and that it is installed properly. Our skilled technicians are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Los Angeles, CA Ductless Mini Split Repair & Maintenance

All mechanical systems need to be repaired at some point. Call Circulating Air, Inc. if you suspect that your ductless mini split system needs to be repaired. The sooner any necessary repairs are made, the better. Our team of Los Angeles, CA ductless mini split repair technicians will have your ductless mini splits operating properly again in no time.

Scheduling routine ductless mini split maintenance service is the best way for you to keep your system operating at maximum performance and efficiency levels. Call today to schedule maintenance with our Los Angeles, CA ductless mini split technicians. Let us help you keep your ductless mini split system in great operating condition with our maintenance services.

Call for Ductless Air Conditioning Services in Los Angeles, CA

A ductless mini split air conditioning system is a great home cooling option in Los Angeles. You must be sure to schedule your installation, repair, and maintenance services with a qualified Los Angeles, CA ductless mini split professional in order to get the most from your system, though. Contact Circulating Air, Inc. today to work with skilled, experienced ductless mini split technicians you can trust.