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Air Conditioning Repair Los Angeles, CA

After installing a new air conditioner in your Los Angeles home, it’s very important that you work with an AC expert to provide regular air conditioning maintenance and AC repair services as needed. With constant use, your air conditioner will need maintenance for long–lasting performance. When it’s time for air conditioning repair or maintenance in Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to call. Since 1965, Circulating Air, Inc. has been the trusted HVAC company for the Los Angeles area. Contact us today to schedule air conditioning repair and maintenance services in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area.

The Los Angeles air conditioning experts at Circulating Air, Inc. offer quality repair, maintenance and other heating and cooling services throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Air Conditioning Repair

If you notice any issues or irregularities with the operation of your air conditioning system, it is best to call the air conditioning repair  experts at Circulating Air, Inc. as soon as possible. The longer you wait to have any necessary air conditioning repair services completed, the more likely a serious problem with your air conditioner becomes. In order to act quickly, though, you must understand some of the basic warning signs that indicate repair is needed. It is not always as obvious as a completely broken down system.

When to Call for AC Repair

One strong indicator that your system needs professional repair is a sudden spike in the cost of cooling your home. If you do not make any major changes to your air conditioning habits, there should be no reason why your air conditioner should suddenly cost more to operate. It is likely that there is an underlying problem causing this energy inefficiency that will need to be repaired by a skilled Los Angeles air conditioning repair professional.

You may also notice a general decline in the performance of your air conditioner. Never ignore such problems. The development of hot spots throughout your home may be the result of a serious problem with your air conditioning. Even issues that seem minor, such as strange sounds and noises during the operation of your air conditioner, may indicate major problems in their early stages. So, give us a call to schedule air conditioning repair in Los Angeles, CA.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

When you live in Los Angeles, you are going to put your air conditioning system through some heavy use. As your air conditioning system operates, it is going to incur some general wear and tear. Routine air conditioning maintenance in Los Angeles is the best way to keep any problems stemming from this wear and tear to a minimum. 

When you schedule regular air conditioning tune–up services with Circulating Air, Inc., we will make sure that your AC is running efficiently and effectively for years to come! Our air conditioning maintenance plan comprehensively checks and clears your AC system for a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Boost Efficiency with Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your air conditioning system is as efficient as possible. With regular cleaning and tune–up services, your system runs more easily which saves in the long run. You’ll see that your electricity bills will go down, and you may even notice that your air conditioner runs more quietly and less frequently in order to maintain a cool temperature in your LA home. If you could keep your air conditioner more dependable while also boosting the efficiency with which it operates, why wouldn’t you? Call and schedule air conditioning maintenance with Circulating Air, Inc. today.

Our Los Angeles air conditioning maintenance plan covers many different checkpoints, ensuring top–level service:

  1. Check operating pressures of compressor
  2. Check refrigerant charge
  3. Check for leaks if refrigerant charge is low (does not include repairing leaks)
  4. Check and ascertain if condensate pipe is draining
  5. Inspect condenser coil for dirt or damage
  6. Tighten all terminal connectors
  7. Inspect starter contacts, switches and relays
  8. Check condition of equipment for general wear, rust and deterioration

Call Today for AC Repair & Maintenance Services in Los Angeles, CA

Circulating Air, Inc. is the Los Angeles, CA air conditioning repair company to call for repair and maintenance services. Contact us today to get started. We’ll help you keep your cool throughout the hottest time of the year.