How to Spot Damage in Your Ducts

duct-work-repairMost air conditioning systems in Southern California are centralized systems, which cool the air in a single locale and then blow it through your home with a series of ducts. (The Los Angeles area consist largely of homes built after the advent for air conditioning, which means they accommodated the ductwork necessary for centralized air in most cases.)

The ductwork is usually hidden behind the walls, in your attic or in other out-of-the-way locations, which has the added benefit of protecting them from damage. But sometimes, damage occurs regardless, either inadvertently during work on other parts of the home, from wild animals like squirrels getting into the crawlspaces, or simply because bolts or seals connecting two pieces of ductwork have worn out. Damage like leaks or breaches in your ducts can be as bad as damage to your air conditioner itself. The good news is that an air conditioning repair service can fix damage to your ducts in most cases. But first, you need to be able to spot the signs of a problem., and the sooner you can do that, the better. Summer is no time to let a duct leak or breach linger.

Why Is It a Problem?

Leaks and other damage to your ducts have a considerable impact on the effectiveness on your air conditioner. A blockage or dent can reduced the flow of air through the system, while a breach will either pull conditioned air out of the system, or let unconditioned air in. All of that results in reduced efficiency for your air conditioner. It will thus work harder to do its job, which raises the monthly cost of operating the system. It also increases the wear and tear on individual components, hastening the day when one or more of them break down and require a significant repair job to fix.

How to Spot the Signs of a Problem

The difficulty with spotting the signs of damage with your ducts is that they’re hidden from sight, which requires a little detective work on your part. You should never attempt to diagnose or repair damaged ducts yourself – proper training and licensing is required – but you can take notice when something is amiss and summon an expert to deal with the problem the right way. Possible signs of trouble include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Strange noises. When the air moves through a breach or a leak in your ducts, it often produces an odd noise such as a whistling or humming sound. The sound will be localized at the point of the breach and in most cases will start and stop with the starting and the stopping of the air conditioner.
  • Cold spots. Depending on the nature of the breach or leak, it may blow cold air onto a wall, floor or ceiling, which will create a cold spot. The spot will usually warm up slowly after the air conditioner stops running.
  • Low air flow. Diverted air through a breach will slow the flow of air to the vents. You might be able to detect it simply by holding your hand up to the affected vent.

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