HVAC Services Are Needed in Winter and Summer Alike

HVAC-repair-servicesWinter has officially arrived, and yet, like a lot of winters, you can’t always tell that. Late heat waves are not uncommon, and while you’re not going to be using your air conditioner every day, there are times when it will come in handy. But it can get chilly too, especially in the evenings, and that means you require a reliable heating system as well. Regardless of the time of year, you need an HVAC service on call to handle any problems that may arise.

Now Is the Time to Replace an Older System

If your system is on its last legs, now is an ideal time to get it replaced. You won’t have regular need of your air conditioner for many months, while heating systems can be left off when a replacement is underway without plunging your home into a deep freeze the way you might in other parts of the country. If the warranty has expired on your existing system, and it’s costing more than you’d like to get it fixed – or even if the cost of running it from month to month is too high – replacing it now means you can enjoy the whole winter with a newer, more efficient, and less repair-prone heater.

If You Need Repairs, Sooner Is Better

Chances are, your heating system has gone a while without being run regularly. Air conditioners on the other hand, are coming off of months of daily use and still get turned on from time to time when temperatures take a spike. The longer you let a problem go without getting it properly addressed, the more expensive it is likely to cost as the damage just gets worse and worst. This is the time of year when your home has a little pause in HVAC use. If there are any lingering problems with your heater and your air conditioning alike, schedule a repair session before the new year: a great way to start 2018 right!

Maintenance Is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

You take your car in for servicing every now and again, in order to make sure it’s running the way it should. So too should you give your HVAC system the benefits of a maintenance session, which is similar to a tune-up in most respects. The technician checks for any problems, and can either fix the small ones as part of the session or plan a repair session if the damage is too extensive. Not only does that lower your bills – allowing you to run your heater and air conditioner more efficiently than you would otherwise – but it can reduce the risk of breakdowns by minimizing wear and tear. When applied regularly over time, it can even extend the length of the HVAC system’s life by months or even years!

Whether you need a new HVAC system put in in Los Angeles, CA, or an existing one needs a little TLC, call the professional technicians of Circulating Air, Inc. to get the job done right!

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