Time to Get Your Heating System Serviced

heating-maintenance-servicesWe don’t concern ourselves with heating here in LA as much as we do air conditioning, and for good reason. Last week’s unexpected heat wave is another sign that high temperatures affect us more than low ones. But winter nights can still get chilly and if you haven’t used your heating system yet this year, you soon will. That makes now an excellent time to get your heating system serviced, to help it perform better and prevent any unexpected breakdowns over the winter.

A Tune-Up for Your Furnace

A servicing session differs markedly from a repair call, which is intended to correct one specific problem. It more closely resembles a tune-up on your car, giving the technician a chance to check very carefully for any signs of trouble form one end of your furnace to the other. If a problem is detected, one of two things will take place. Small problems like loose bolts and clogged burners can be quickly corrected as part of the servicing session. Larger problems may require a separate repair session to deal with, but that can be scheduled at the homeowner’s convenience, and if the proper equipment is on-hand (and it usually is), it can take place immediately upon conclusion of the maintenance session.

Three Specific Benefits

A servicing session conducted before the winter begins will confer three tangible benefits upon the household:

  1. Lower Heating Bills. Fixing little problems like clogged burners will help the furnace do its job more effectively. That means that your home stays warm without having to spend quite so much on monthly bills. In addition, it reduces the strain on other components in the furnace: lowering the chances of a breakdown.
  2. Reduced Repair Costs. Speaking of repairs, one of the biggest benefits of a servicing session is the chance to get an early handle on potential problems before they cause an issue. In the first place, this means not having to scramble when the heating system decides to stop working on the coldest night of the year. It also gives you a chance to conduct repairs at a time that is convenient to you – letting you set the schedule instead of having to rearrange your whole life – and complete them before the winter begins in earnest. Most importantly, however, catching repair issues early means that the damage in question won’t have as much time to spread.
  3. Longer Life for Your Heater. When applied regularly over time, servicing sessions help curtail wear and tear on your individual heating components. Not only does this help cut the cost and extent of repairs later in the system’s life, but it can even help extend the furnace’s life well beyond the expiration of the warranty: by months or even years in some cases. Considering the hassle and expense of installing a new furnace in your home, that can add up to quite a bit.

If you haven’t had your heater serviced in the last 12 months, call Circulating Air, Inc. We provide a range of heating services throughout Los Angeles, CA.

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