Call Furnace Repair for Gas Line Problems

HVAC-repair-servicesMost homes in the area use forced-air furnaces, powered by gas lines from the local civic service. It’s an inexpensive and efficient way to heat your home, especially in Southern California where our winters are very mild. But gas lines can run into problems from time to time, and if they involve your heater, you may be uncertain of who to contact when you have trouble. A qualified furnace repair company is almost always ready to help you with such a problem, both for specific problems with the gas line and related issues to things like the ignition switch and main gas valve to your furnace.

Common Gas Line Problems

Gas line problems can be anything from clogs in the line itself to an active gas leak caused by a rupture. In many cases, what appears to be an issue with the gas line can be traced to the gas valve, which may not be functioning properly, or a faulty pilot light (if you have an older furnace) or ignition switch (for newer furnaces). Every furnace has a gas valve which can shut off the flow of gas to the furnace in the event of trouble. Every family member should know where the valve is in the event of trouble. In addition, most modern furnaces have safety features that will automatically keep the furnace turned off if something is amiss with the gas lines. This can be something of a two-edged sword. The good news is that it means your home will be safe since the flow of gas will be cut off. It also alerts you to the problem the instant you try to turn the system on. The bad news is that your furnace likely won’t run until the problem is fixed, which means you won’t be able to just sit on the problem for very long.

Call in Furnace Repair

Assuming that the problem isn’t easily corrected by adjusting the thermostat or checking the breaker box, the first thing you should do is turn the furnace off – even if it isn’t running – and call in a furnace repair service. Gas lines can be hazardous and require proper training and licensing to carry out, which is why they’re left to professionals. Once that’s done, get everyone out of the house, including pets, and stay there until the technician gives you the all clear.  A professional will check for the presence of gas in the atmosphere and let you know when it clears up.

In addition, a seemingly simple symptom, like the furnace refusing to turn on, can have any number of possible causes, meaning that it takes a professional to pinpoint the problem and seek out repairs. The faster you can get a professional to arrive, the less time you will waste and the more quickly the gas line issue will be resolved.

If you encounter any kind of furnace problem and need a repair call in your Pasadena, CA home, contact the friendly pros at Circulating Air, Inc. today to set up an appointment!

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