Early Season Care for Your Air Conditioning System

air-conditioning-upgradesWe’ve finally been getting some rain in the Southland in the last few weeks, which we’ve desperately needed. That doesn’t mean hot weather won’t be here soon, however, or that you won’t need your air conditioner to respond on a daily basis in as little as a few weeks. No one wants to run into a problem with their air conditioner on the hottest day of the year, and while our team can provide quality air conditioning repairs throughout the Los Angeles, CA area, we’d rather stop those problems from coming instead of treating them after they get here. That process starts now, while the weather is still relatively cool.

Check for Problems

A layman should never attempt to diagnose any problems with their system. It requires professional training and licensing to do so, and without them, your efforts will only complicate the issue. That said, you can still check your system for anything out of the ordinary simply by turning it on and letting it run for 15-20 minutes. As it does, watch and listen for anything you don’t recognize as part of the system’s normal functioning. Common signs of trouble can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Odd noises that you don’t normally recognize as part of your system’s normal functions. In most cases, they will stop and start in time with the starting and the stopping of the air conditioning system itself.
  • Warm air from the vents, or air that isn’t as cool as you expect. It can be caused by anything from leaking refrigerant to a breach in the ducts that pulls in unconditioned air.
  • Low air flow, which can indicate anything from a clogged filter to problems with the fan motor. You can check for this by tying a length of ribbon to your vents, and gauging how strongly they flutter.
  • Short cycling, which means turning on and off rapidly multiple times. Air conditioners use a lot more energy turning on and turning off than they do simply running, which means short cycling can be very damaging if you let it proceed.

When you spot these issues, or anything close to them, shut the system off and call in a repair service.

Maintenance Sessions Are Recommended

If you’d like a professional to take a look at your air conditioner, you can schedule a maintenance session this spring. It gives the technician a chance to look the system over and check for signs that you need repairs. If you do, they can be scheduled immediately: letting you handle the problem before it shuts your air conditioner down.

In addition, a maintenance session lets the technician take care of little problems that don’t merit a repair session on their own, such as loose bolts or clogged filters. Not only does that lower the chances of a future breakdown, but it can improve your system’s efficiency and cut down on those high summer air conditioning bills.

For AC services of all types in Los Angeles, CA, call on the trained professionals at Circulating Air, Inc.

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