Check the Power Levels of Your New Air Conditioner

air-conditioning-replacementIdeally, every air conditioner will run regularly until the end of the summer, but in some cases, that just isn’t possible. An older air conditioner, having run regularly for several months already, may not be able to handle the load, and breakdowns are quite common this time of year. If your air conditioner has an expired warranty and can’t make it until the cooler weather of the fall, you may need to replace it on the fly.

The good news is that we’re enjoying a bout of relatively cool weather here in Southern California, which gives you a window of time to replace the older system with a new one.  There’s usually an emphasis on speed with such operations, since you need to get a new system up and running before the next heat wave hits. But haste shouldn’t involve sloppiness, particularly when it comes to determining the power levels of your new system. The equation is trickier than you may think.

Why Is It an Issue?

You can probably guess why an underpowred air conditioner is a bad idea. It will struggle to keep the space in your home cool and run constantly all day: raising your bills and the stress on the system without ever really doing its job. That isn’t usually an issue when choosing a new air conditioner.

The issue comes on the opposite end of the scale: when the air conditioner is to powerful. It’s logical to want the most powerful system to cool your home quickly. Unfortunately, that logic isn’t correct, and following it can cause big problems.

Air conditioners use much more power starting up and shutting down than they do simply running. Accordingly, you want any air conditioner in your home to run for at least 15 minutes at a stretch to make the best use of the energy it consumes. If the system is over powered, it will engage in a process known as short-cycling: cooling the air too quickly and shutting down, only to turn on again a short while later as the heat of the day warms the temperature in the house. Short cycling is extremely hard on the system: not only wasting energy, but adding considerable strain to the other components of the system. The right air conditioner will follow the Goldilocks Rule: neither overpowered nor underpowered, but just right.

How Is That Derived?

The technician will perform a brief audit of your home before the new air conditioner is installed and determine the best sizing for the space. That starts with square footage, but can involve other elements like the amount of sunlight your home is exposed to and the amount of insulation in the walls and attic. That will derive an accurate assessment of your homes cooling needs, and allow you to install the system with the perfect power levels for you.

The friendly pros at Circulating Air, Inc. can install a new air conditioner in your Los Angeles, CA home. Call us today to set up an appointment!

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