Could You Benefit from a Geothermal System?

The high desert of California experience all manner of temperature extremes. Winter nights can be exceedingly cold while summer days often spike well above 100 degrees. The cost of heating and cooling your home in such an environment can be overwhelming, especially if you own a larger home. There are many options available to you, but depending upon your circumstances, you may want to look into the possibilities of a geothermal system. It could save you a great deal of money in the long run.

How Does It Work?

Geothermal heating and cooling depends on a natural phenomenon that takes place every day right beneath our feet. The temperature of the earth doesn’t change once you dig down below about 10 or 15 feet, regardless of that the weather might be outside. Geothermal systems simply tap into that phenomenon. Coils or tubes are buried beneath the ground, which facilitate a heat exchange with the earth: pulling heat from it when the weather is cold and bleeding heat out into it when the weather is warm. (Tubes usually circulate a mixture of water an antifreeze to facilitate the heat exchange, while coper wires utilize the metal itself.) Controls located inside the home allow you to set the temperature you like and program the system just as you would a more traditional centralized heating and air conditioning..

What are the Benefits

As you may have guessed, geothermal systems involve an up-front cost, since your yard will need to be excavated in order to plant the coils or tubes. You usually need a reasonably large piece of property as well, though in some cases, the apparatus can be planted vertically to save space.

It’s reasonable for a homeowner to ask why such efforts are necessary. In fact, the pay-off over the long term can be considerable. In the first place, geothermal heating is very effective, providing reliable heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. And because much of the apparatus is located below ground, it stays protected from the elements, which helps lower the wear and tear, and prevents unnecessary repair calls.

But the biggest benefit t a geothermal system is the savings it provides. Because it pulls most of its energy from the earth – a theoretically infinite source of energy – it requires very little power to run (usually just a little electricity to handle pumps and fans). That means that monthly cost is reduced a great deal, which can result in considerable savings over other types of HVAC system. And because geothermal systems are designed to last for many years, you can continue to enjoy those savings for a long time to come. That cuts into the initial installation cost a great deal, and depending upon the circumstances, may end up paying for itself a lot sooner than you think.

If you’re looking for a new HVAC system and think geothermal energy might be a good fit, or if you already own a geothermal system here in Lancaster, CA and need a knowledgeable professional to maintain it, call the pros at Circulating Air, Inc. today!

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