What to Do about Strange AC Noises

AC-repair-servicesToday’s AC systems are quieter than ever before. That’s why it’s always worrisome when your AC begins to make sounds you know just aren’t right. After all, in summer, even a few minutes without cool air turns your house into an impromptu toaster oven. What do these noises indicate? Do you need a new system installed? Or are there easier and less expensive fixes? We’ll go over the most common causes of these strange AC noises so you’ll have an idea of what to expect once AC professionals arrive.

Common Causes of Strange AC Noises

When you have infrequent or intermittent noises coming from your AC, you may be tempted to ignore them and hope your system will fix itself. Trust us: This never works. While these sounds vary in both cause and cost to repair, you need to contact your local AC experts before these problems inevitably become worse and more expensive.

1. Grinding and Clanging

Grinding noises usually indicate the motors on your system’s fans are starting to go out. Or, it could mean there are problems with the fans’ ball bearings. Either way, you’ll need a professional to determine the exact cause and best solution.

2. Squealing and Screeching

These sounds can be especially terrifying when transmitted through the ductwork in your house. When coming from the interior AC unit, you likely have loose/bad belts or fans out of balance. If these noises are coming from the exterior unit, this could also indicate a problem with its fan system.

3. Whistling and Hissing

These noises are usually a sign of leaks in your interior ductwork. You may be tempted to repair these problems yourself with caulk, but that’s not a viable long-term fix. Or, more troubling, this could indicate a refrigerant leak, and you need to call for repairs immediately.

4. Rattling and Buzzing

There are many possible causes for these sounds including loose parts, a fouled evaporator coil, or even just an air filter which needs to be changed. Given all the potential sources of these noises, it will be hard to troubleshoot and deal with them on your own.

5. Banging and Thumping

This can indicate a serious problem ranging from a broken crankshaft or connecting rod in the compressor, and you need to shut your unit down immediately until professional help arrives. Worst case scenario you may need to replace the compressor which can run $1,500 or more. Or, it could be a loose fan blade which isn’t nearly as expensive. Either way, you’ll need an AC technician to locate the exact source of the problem and calculate the cost of the best fix.

Protecting Your AC System

Even if you aren’t hearing strange AC noises, the best way to avoid them, to begin with, is to have your AC system regularly inspected and maintained. Our expert technicians have the know-how and tools to make sure you don’t lose your cool no matter how high the temperature is outside.

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