3 Indoor Air Quality Products to Consider

electronic-air-purifierSummer is just around the corner here in Southern California, and most homeowners will rightfully focus on getting their air conditioning systems up to speed. It’s more than a luxury when the temperatures climb above 100 degrees. But temperature control is not the only consideration when it comes to a comfortable home. Indoor air quality issues can affect you too: anything from high dust in the air to high humidity levels. Such issues can not only makes your home a less pleasant place to be, but they can affect the functioning of your air conditioner as well.

Every home is unique, and so too are the indoor air quality problems that each home must deal with. Consulting with a trained professional can help you find the right IAQ product for your home. Below is a short list of three such products, to give you a general idea of the options available.

1.     Electronic Air Filters Handle Excessive Dust

Dust and dirt are common IAQ problems in the Southland, especially when the air gets dry in the summer. HVAC systems come equipped with filters designed to strain through dust and dirt as the air cycles through the system. But such filters can get messy and need to be periodically replaced. They also can’t keep out the smallest particles, which can cause problems to homes with sensitive family members.

An electronic air filter makes an excellent solution to persistent dust issues. The air in your system passes through an ionization chamber, which charges the particles – no matter how small – and causes them to stick to a collection plate. As a result, your air is much cleaner and easier to breathe. Not only is it more pleasant for family members and guests, but the lack of dust in the air means that moving parts in your air conditioning system will suffer less friction and strain.

2.     UV Air Purifiers Keep Germs from Spreading

If your home is specifically concerned about spreading germs (a common issue in any household, but particularly homes with  infants, the elderly, or those with health issues. UV light can be used to sterilize the air. Though perfectly harmless to human beings and pets, it’s lethal to germs. A UV air purifier establishes a field of UV light across the apex to your ducts, killing or sterilizing any germs or bacteria that pass through.

3.     Dehumidifiers Cut Down on Humid Air

High humidity can be a surprisingly common problem in Southern California. Air conditioners can deal with the issue, but crudely, and because they’re set up for temperature control instead of humidity control, the effort can put them under a tremendous amount of strain. A whole-house dehumidifier can take care of the problem the right way: ensuring that your home never feels stale or muggy and easing the strain off of your air conditioner in the bargain.

For installation and repairs on indoor air quality products in the greater Los Angeles, CA area, call on the friendly pros at Circulating Air, Inc. today to make an appointment!

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